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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Caught On Camera

 On the left is No.240, an observer who was assigned to watch No.34, whom she got to know well. However No.34 didn't know her! She was then assigned to be No.6's observer, whom she was unawar, was following her to the Town Hall!

  And above is the Butler, manservant, personal Valet, Gentleman's gentleman to No.2. He, both serves and obeys intructions without question, each new master that comes along. However these two characters do have one thing in common - they both wear their village capes inside out! Village capes are generally colourful striped affairs, with brown linings. But here we observe that both No.240 and the Butler wear their capes with the brown lining on the outside, you can just see a flash of red colour underneath that of 240's cape. Why? Well it might very well be that both 240 and the Butler are showing individual tendencies. On the other hand, maybe Norma West, who plays No.240, and Angelo Muscat as the Butler, didn't want to look stupid in such garish and colourful attire!
Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,
    I wonder if the cape color has to do with people who didn't really like what they were being asked to do...even though we never see the Butler doing anything against the village, we DO see that he follows Number 6...uh..The Prisoner...SIR Out of the village in Fall Out.
    Number 240 didn't like what she had to do as the prosecutor in Dance of the Dead...and was finally relieved of her job as Number 6's observer...maybe as an observer of any kind.
    The black and white umbrella could be a symbol of absolutes...truth vs. lies...etc.
    The bright colors in the village make it seem like a wonderful happy place, but underneath we are shown the evil side of the place.


    1. Dear Karen,
      Your suggestion about the cape worn by the butler and Number 240 is possible. But I personally enjoy the possibility that they are demonstrating their individuality by wearing the capes inside out. Besides, a colourful striped cape would look far too garish on the Butler! He’d look like a beachball!!!
      The black and white striped umbrella is unique to both Number 6 and the Butler. However Number 6 is only seen twice with his, when he is given at the hospital, and again when he’s with Number 9 at the Brass Band concert. Perhaps Number 6 tired of the umbrella and threw it away, and then the Butler found it and said to himself “Finders keepers, losers weepers!” and kept it for himself!
      A black and white striped umbrella, that’s the Schizoid man isn’t it?

      Be seeing you

  2. Hi David . .
    Hahahaaa . ..finder's keepers! Good one!

    I also have a different idea about the colors . ..perhaps it was just a matter of being able to make them stand out more amongst the many other characters in bright colors.
    Patrick McGoohan once said that there were many things that were "happy accidents " and "that I never deliberately planned " in regards to what fans were "seeing " in The Prisoner .
    However , Patrick McGoohan had ultimate control over the show . ..and our subconscious mind does make itself known . ..whether it be in the little things . ..or as a conscious decision about a design element or story plot...or whatever .

    The mind is a wonderful thing . ..but can also be used for terrible things too.

    I love how The Prisoner brings out the duality aspect through episodes like The Schizoid Man . ..the "doubles" and the contrasts like teaching rote vs LEARNING something.

    It's not a wonder to me that the show is still being debated 50 years later . ..a wonderful learning tool actually !

  3. Hi David . .
    Perhaps Number 6 decided that the umbrella was too much of a bother to carry around with him on all those walks he took.

    Also...since it seems like most of the Village denizens carried them...Number 6 could show his individuality by NOT carrying one.