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Thursday 23 December 2010

Prismatic Reflection

    Having watched the film Inception, I can see the Prisoneresque content in the film. As the film began, the character of Cobb {first nod to the Prisoner} played by Leonardo De Caprio, wakes up somewhere in the surf on a beach. This in much the same way that Jim Caviezel wakes up in a desert in the first episode of THEPRISONER.
   Inception, as those who have seen the film will know, is basically about a team, led by Cobb, who infiltrate a man's mind, and dream, and makes the dream last longer by the aid of a drug to keep the subject heavily sedated. This in much the same way that Two in THEPRISONER maintains his wifes sedation and dream of the village, by the use of drugs. But when someone wakes from a dream in Inception, the dream collapses. When Two's wife, M2, wakes up, holes begin to appear in the village.
    The infiltration of a subjects dream in Inception, and the manipulation of, is reminiscent of the Prisoner episode A B & C, how the doctor-No.14 is able to use a drug to get into No.6's dream, and manipulate it from within.
   Inception gives several nods to the original series of the Prisoner, as when Cobb gains acccess to a safe in the early stages of the film, in order to steal an envelope, which contains nothing but blank sheets of paper. This in much the same way, when during the episode Hammer Into Anvil No.6 hides an envelope containing blank sheets of paper in the Stoneboat. Also Inception was diretced by Christopher Nolan, who was up to direct a Hollywood film of the Prisoner!
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