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Tuesday 21 December 2010

The Chimes Of Big Ben

   If we are to believe Nadia Rakovsky's story, as No.6 was forced to, then the question must surely arise of how Nadia's contact man, who had been waiting at that cave, knew Nadia had escaped the village, and was on her way? Indeed, if Nadia-No.8 was a real Prisoner in the village, how would it be possible for her to contact Karel, her contact man in the cave? No.6 didn't consider how it was possible that Karel knew when Nadia was escaping the village. Perhaps it simply never occured to him to question Nadia about it, that her contact was already there waiting for her in that cave. Or it might be that Karel had been waiting there just on the off chance - nah! Of course Nadia's contact man was actually Post Five whom No.2 had contacted about Nadia and No.6 being on their way to him. But No.6 didn't know that.....did he?
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