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Thursday 30 December 2010

A Prisoner Of Blogging!

    It has to be said, that since I began posting my Prisoner based blog here, I feel a free man! I used to publish my blog on MySpace, and on two sites. And at the beginning it was enjoyable because I was issuing information, theories, and ideas on the Prisoner to people who were interested. People who were interested, who wanted information about the series. But it has to be said that my Prisoner blogging was becoming stale. I was failing to make it interesting. And then MySpace went and upgraded the site, and made it, well enough said. I'm not here to slag off MySpace, because I don't publish blog there any more. I resigned. No, that's not quite right. I walked out! and since that day I have felt like a free man. I started out publishing Prisoner based blog because I wanted to write about the Prisoner and see my work published. But in the end I was just going on and on, the original reason lost, and so it became it's own reason for doing it. Since I commenced writing and publishing my writings about the Prisoner here on, I feel a free man.
I'll be seeing you

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