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Friday 6 October 2017

A Favourite Scene In Arrival

    When on the day of his arrival the Prisoner goes into the General Stores.
    The shopkeeper No.56, or 19 because he wears two different numbered badges in the same scene, is talking to a woman in an indistinguishable language. But then he sees his next customer….
   “Would you help yourself to a pineapple madam.”
   She does and the shopkeeper clips her credit card and places it in the white paper carrier bag.
   “Thank you, good day.”
   “Thank you” the woman says picking up her shopping.
   “Be seeing you.”
   “Good morning sir, what can I do for you then?”
   “I’d like a map of this area.”
   “Map, colour or black and white?”
   “Just a map”
   The shopkeeper appears to be thinking, thinking where he keeps his maps. Then it comes to him
   “Ah!” and goes to a cabinet to collect a map “black and white” and returns to the counter “here you are sir, I think you’ll find that shows everything.”
   The customer opens the black and white map showing noted buildings in The Village, the beach, the sea, and mountains.
   “I,I, I, I meant, I meant a larger map.”
   “Only in colour, much more expensive.”
   “That’s fine.”
   Having produced a colour map from the cabinet it shows exactly the same, some noted buildings in The Village, the beach, the sea and mountains but on a larger scale.
   “That’s not what I meant, I meant a larger area.”
   “No we only have local maps sir, there’s no demand for any others. You’re new here aren’t you?”
   “Where can I get a hire car, self-drive?”
   “No self-drive, only taxis.”
   “I’ve tried those.”
   Ting-a-ling-ling sounds the shop bell as a customer enters the General Stores.
   “Well I look forward to the pleasure of your custom sir, be seeing you.”
   Certainly the general stores has everything for sale from brussle sprouts, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, to oranges. Perishable foods such as bread, eggs, bacon, pork pies, cheese, and a variety of sausages. Plus all manner of tinned Village food, large jars of sweets. A large variety of household goods which include carpet beaters, brooms at 4 units each, plastic laundry baskets, pots and pans, pizza cutters. Large rolls of cloth for making clothes. And earthenware, salt and pepper pots denoting the
Penny Plain pattern - so specially imported from Portmeirion. Another special import would be the distinctive blue and white striped pattern of Cornish wear crockery, as well as brown coffee pots at 17 work units a pot. Everything a general stores is likely to stock.
   It’s strange how the shopkeeper was speaking in some indistinguishable language, but then when the Prisoner enters the emporium he immediately begins talking in english. Did the shopkeeper simply assume the man was English, in the same way the taxi driver spoke to him in french thinking he might be Polish or a Czech? 

Be seeing you

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