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Saturday 28 October 2017

All Art Sea With Gunter And Ernst!

    “You know me Ernest, I’m one for a life at sea.”
   “I know Gunter, we’ve served on several ships together.”
   “We’ve known storms and danger, we’ve even been shipwrecked together.”
   “I know me’ old shipmate, we’ve had our adventures together.”
   “But then we got into smuggling, that was an adventure.”
   “And profitable.”
   “And not without its dangers.”
   “The revenue men!”
   “There was that time on the Cornish coast.”
   “That was a close one!”
   “But now, we’re gun running!”
   “What are you getting at?”
   “Well if that’s the best food you can serve up I don’t think much to it!”
   “I know we’ve not done too well out of this latest enterprise.....”
   “Not done well, it’s certainly not profitable.”
   “I know, it is pretty disgusting, eating cold baked beans, cold corned beef out of tins, but there’s tinned pears for desert!”  
   “Gunter have we really been reduced to this?”
   “We come across an unconscious man on a raft, rob him of his provisions, and you dump the body in the water.”
   “He was dead!”
   “Have we really sunk this low?”
   “You speak for yourself, I’m a Celtic supporter!”
   “And they play
Dunfermline on Saturday. Look pass those baked beans over here.”
    “Just a minute, can you smell smoke?.......”

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