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Monday 2 October 2017

Caught On Camera!

    The door to Number 6’s cottage opened automatically for Number 14, but we are given to believe that it generally only does that for Number 6. If you recall in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ the Supervisor made sure that the cottage door was unlocked, so that Number 50 would have access, because Number 6 doesn’t always answer when people come knocking on his door. Mind you in the first film cut of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ the cottage has a door bell which Nadia rings. Mind you the maids seem to come and go pretty easily, the door opening automatically for them, as it does on several occasions for Number 2, as well as for the ladies sub appeal Committee. Not to mention Number 86, Number 8, Alison, Mrs. Butterworth, the electricians, Number 12. In fact the door’s pretty much automatic for everyone. But have you noticed, not counting doors in the Town Hall, how it’s only ‘6 Private’ and the Green Dome which enjoy automatically electronically operated doors? In one episode even Number 6’s bathroom door is electronically operated, whilst in others where the bathroom door features it’s manually operated. So at one point the bathroom door received an upgrade. However that upgrade doesn’t appear to have been successful, as by the time of ‘Once Upon A Time’ the door is once again manually operated!

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