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Wednesday 18 October 2017

Village Life!

    Number 42 is very diligent, when approached by Number 6, his authoritative attitude persuades him that Number 6 is a superior. So much so that if something’s wrong, and he is not satisfied, he said he’d paint it again! It makes me wonder that something was wrong with Number 42’s brushstrokes that his painting was not up to specifications. In fact he had actually been told to paint the wall again. How do we know this? Because later in the episode when Number 6 finds Number 42 the next day in order to give him the password “Tonight at moonset, Pawn to Queen’s Pawn Six check,” 42 is still painting that same wall. Unless of course Number 42 is either working to rule, or simply “spinning” the job out! Personally I like to think that soon after Number 6 and the Rook had come by inspecting his work, a proper foreman came along to inspect 42’s painting of the wall, and finding it unsatisfactory was instructed to paint it again. That really would have confused Number 42, to have had his work inspected a second time, and so soon after the first!

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