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Sunday 8 October 2017

Village Life!

   No.269 “There’s nothing coming through!”
   No.56 “Well you’ve got to let the valves warm up first you know.”
   “Has this been authorised by Number Two?”
   “Look, what Number Two doesn’t know about won’t hurt him.”
   “We haven’t even got a television license!”
   “What does that matter?”
   “They send television detector vans……!”
   “What all the way out here?”
   “It’s possible.”
   “Well there’s a chance I suppose. But they won’t be here in the next fifty minutes or so will they?
   “Shouldn’t think so.”
   “Well what are you worrying about then?”
   “I’m looking forward to watching this week’s episode of
Danger Man.
    “Because I’m in it.”
    “Are you?”
    “I play a passenger in a taxi driven by John Drake.”
    “Just a passenger.”
    “Oh course not, they wouldn’t have an actor like me playing a mere passenger in a taxi. I play Drake’s boss, and give him his instructions to go to
    “Why did you send him there?”
    “Well if you shut up you’ll find out, the programme’s starting.”
    “Were you ever in Danger Man?”
    “No. Do you think Drake would be able to escape from The Village?”
    “Of course not, but then he’d never be stupid enough to get himself abducted in the first place. Oh look, there I am, about to hail a taxi……”
   “What are you doing coming out of a shoe shop?”
   “I didn’t come out of the shoe shop, I was just standing in the doorway.”
   “Where to sir?”
   “You’ve never met Hagan have you?”
   “Who’s Hagan?”
   “A rather dubious character.”
   “Should that concern me?”
   “As a freelance agent he’ll work for any side providing the money’s alright. We never trusted him too much although mind you he’s been extremely useful to us in a number of instances.”
   “And now he’s not quite so useful!”
   “We’ve lost contact, we don’t know what’s happening to him. Maybe he’s gone over one hundred percent to the opposition, which could be uncomfortable. That’s for you to find out.”
   “Perhaps he’s just decided to retire.”
   “Perhaps they brought Hagan to The Village!”
   “Don’t be silly.”
   “You’re here…….”
   “I…….well being a middle ranking Civil Servant why shouldn’t they find a use for me here?”
   “Not good enough to be Number Two then?”
   “But good enough to be your superior.”
   “I was assistant to Number Two.”
   “What happened?”
   “I took a sideways promotion, and found myself working with you.”
   “For me, you work for me, you’re my assistant now.”
   “Alright, don’t rub it in. I’m just glad we’re working together.”
   “But in just the one scene don’t forget.”
   “I think it’s awful when people get above themselves!”

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