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Monday 30 October 2017

Village Life!

    “They’ll be in need of that!”
    “Who will?”
    “Those people who will try and fathom the depths of ‘the Prisoner.”
    “Why should they do that?”
    “Because they must, they’ll not be able to stop themselves. But with Speed Learn and a three year course in three minutes, they’ll know as much as I do about it!”
    “That’s not saying much!”
    “I know what happens to you in the end.”
    “Only because you’ve read the script! But tell me, do I die in a desperate attempt to save the Professor, or is it merely an act of suicide?”
    “You see, you need a dose of Speed Learn yourself!”
    “I was asking a question.”
    “Well ask me another.”
    “Can I trust you?”
    “Can I trust you?”
    “Is that the way it’s going to be?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Avoiding the question?”
    “It’s not for me to answer questions, but for people to make up their own minds.”

    “So who is Number One?”
    “Who do you think?”
    “It wouldn’t be you would it?”
    “Now who’s asking the questions?”
    “I could always ask the General.”
    “The trouble with the General is, it has to be programmed with the answer before it gives it!”
    “So what’s the answer?”
    “Speed Learn, a three year course in three minutes!”
    “Who will write up the lectures?”
   “I know a chap who could.”
   “Divad Nospmits.”
   “Sounds like a Russian dissident!”

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