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Tuesday 24 October 2017

A Favourite Scene In It’s Your Funeral

    When the retiring Number 2 is giving his farewell speech, he’s nervous and there comes a point when he has to play for time, because Plan Division Q isn’t going quite according to plan! And the interim Number 2 doesn’t seem to be quite with it, that’s because he has other things on his mind! And then the moment comes when the retiring Number 2 runs out of time, his speech has run out! Then the Great Seal of Office is taken from his shoulders and placed around the new Number 2’s shoulders, now he’s the one who’s nervous. In fact he’s so nervous he cannot get though his speech quick enough, as the bomb hung about his shoulders might be detonated at any moment!
   And so the great day has arrived, in fact it went off better than planned, and perhaps they’ll organize something equally suitable for this new Number 2’s retirement when the day comes. He’s not so cocky now because things have not gone to plan at all, and he having staked his future on the success of Plan Division Q. We do not see this new Number 2 again, either he didn’t have a future, or his day came sooner than he was expecting! But I tell you what he wasn’t expecting, judging by the expression on his face at the end, that helicopter to turn back towards The Village that way it did!

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