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Wednesday 4 October 2017

Harmony Times

Harmony Can Be  good Town  

                                Says The Judge

   Harmony used to be a hard bitten frontier town, not fit for decent folks to live in. There used to be two saloons, a gaming house, and Madam Sal’s Place, the local whore house. Gunmen ruled the streets, killings and murder became the norm. And when the cattle men come to town whooping it up on a Saturday night, Harmony was as wild a place as Dodge, Warlock, or Tombstone. Well decent women folk just weren’t safe on the streets. Then there was the Bank, that used to be robbed every other day by either the James Boys, the Dalton Gang, or Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and the Hole in the Wall gang! Whisky drummers sold fire water to the Apache Indians, and gun-runners sold them guns. Crime was rife in Harmony, that was until the Judge came to town. He soon got things organized. He bought the Silver Dollar saloon, and put the Tanglefoot saloon out of business. The Judge bought the Bank, and nearly every other business he could. Those he couldn’t he burned to the ground! Old Sam Toovey, owner of the Golden Nugget gambling house was shot dead at the Ferris wheel by Johnnie Elder. Elder said the wheel was rigged. Elder was hung the next day, from the hanging tree. The Bank then foreclose on the Golden Nugget, and now the Judge holds the lease. He got rid of the gunmen, by bringing in his own men to clean up Harmony, amongst them the Kid, Frank ’shoot em up’ Maher. Two gun Les Crawford, and Bill “buckshot” Nick. These hard bitten gunslingers  ruled the streets, they kept law and order but without the badge. As for the Judge, well he’s organized the crime here in Harmony. He runs the whisky and guns to the Apache. He’s legalized prostitution, and cut himself in and takes fifty percent of Sal’s take. We don’t have a Courthouse the judge holds court in the Silver Dollar Saloon. At those times the bar is closed. And the Judge always gives a man, or woman, a fair hearing before he hangs em. Well all except that Johnson boy. Yeah, Harmony’ a good town alright, but I kinda get the feeling it still needs cleaning up! So that’s just what I’m gonna be doing from tomorrow. Sweeping the streets, picking up litter, and cleaning out the municipal privy’s, seeing as how the Judge has just bought this newspaper. But he couldn’t buy me no siree! Its about time this town woke up and did something about the Judge!

Be seeing you

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