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Monday 2 October 2017

Living In Harmony!

    The definition of “Living in harmony” is basically to live in peace together. Harmony in The Village? That’s what Number 2 wanted in ‘A Change of Mind,’ but only when everyone’s aggression had been surgically removed! For peace to reign The Village had Number 2, in the town of Harmony there was the Judge! But ‘Living In Harmony’ is a trick, created through the use of mind altering hallucinogenic drugs. The Prisoner wakes up one morning to find he’s an American Sheriff who hands in both his badge and gun. Doesn’t he find that strange? Have all unpleasant memories of The Village yet again been wiped from his memory? They had to have been for this latest experiment to have worked. But when the Judge was supposed to have shot The Man With No Name, he wasn’t, well no-one can die in a dream, you wake up before you die. And I think the same rule can be applied in this instance. He got up from the floor wearing his Village attire, which he had been wearing all along. Then outside he heard the music, a Brass Band was playing, the sound he followed led him to The Village, and all quickly became clear. It was no better in the town of Harmony than it was The Village. It looked fun to be playing cowboys, a bit rough at times, but no doubt in a way, it took Number 6 back to his childhood. Well we all liked playing cowboys and Indians as children......didn’t we?

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