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Monday 30 October 2017

The Prisoner

    “That’s what the theme of The Prisoner is, the individual in revolt against bureaucracy. That sort of rebellion is in everyone, isn’t it, in one way or another?”  {Alex Cox “I Am Not A Number – Decoding The Prisoner”}
   Is it, or is it simpler than that? Not so much one man’s revolt against bureaucracy, perhaps it’s more to do with his anger at having been abducted from his home, and imprisoned in The Village. His fight against the bureaucratic administration is a fight against those behind his abduction. After all in his previous employment ZM73 was part of a bureaucratic system. Yes from which he resigned, but he hardly rebelled, he might just have become fed up, disillusioned even by the kind of work he was doing. And was going to find some peace of mind!  That hardly makes him an individual in revolt against bureaucracy.

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