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Sunday 22 October 2017

Thought For The Day

    ‘The Prisoner’ it means what it is, probably what we make it out to be, an adventure to be enjoyed for that alone, escapism perhaps, The Village not to escape from, but to escape to! Or a conundrum perhaps, an enigma which many have tried to fathom by plumbing its depths as they seek answers to questions. An allegory, a parable, a story to be told and perhaps in the telling of it there is a lesson to be learned.
    If ‘the Prisoner’ means what it is perhaps it should be left alone, something not to be tinkered or trifled with, but where would the fun be in that? Half the fun is trying to fathom what it all means, “What’s it all about?” as Number 6 once demanded to know. The trouble is that if we don’t know after 50 years, we’re never likely to know. Perhaps it’s not important to know the answers, but to have asked the questions, just as long as they are the right questions. We all make suppositions, interpretations, we speculate, and surmise in order to come up with the answers which suit each other. We arrive at different answers, but are we asking the same question? What’s that white Guardian when it’s at home? It’s a metrological weather balloon. Sometimes the simple answers are the best answers as I’ve found. Oh I could say, and have, that it’s an extra terrestrial being which found itself on an alien planet called Earth. Or it’s a genetically engineered membrane created by chemists and biologists in a laboratory. Membrane which began life in a petri dish, which of those do we know to be correct? Who is Number 1? Number 6, but only when it comes to ‘Fall Out,’ and then we come to the over elaborate explanations as to why Number 6 has been Number 1 all the time, but to put it simply, the reason is he’s his own worst enemy. Personally I liked it better when we didn’t know who Number 1 was. But then ‘Fall Out’ isn’t like the preceding episodes, it stands alone in that regard.

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