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Monday 30 October 2017

A Favourite Scene in Many Happy Returns

   Number 6 having jumped out of the back of a moving vehicle finds him sprawled out in the road in Park Lane, lucky not to have been run over! He crosses the road and eventually finds himself at Marble Arch.
    “Hold it!” a voice is heard to say.
    Our friend Number 6 spins round, perhaps thinking that the game is up for him. But it’s only some chap taking a photograph of his daughter in front of the Royal Artillery Memorial. This in much the same way Number 6 went about taking photographs of The Village!
   Now back in London Number 6 seems subdued, almost as though he can hardly believe he’s actually there. Perhaps it all seems a little unreal to him after being away so long, certainly
London would be a noisy place after the peaceful atmosphere of The Village!

Be seeing you

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