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Tuesday 10 October 2017

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    I’m really 6 in disguise, but don’t tell anyone, not that 9 is a number to be proud of. That Number 9 in ‘Arrival,’ you can’t tell me that she had intended to escape with Cobb, Cobb was one of them! He was using Number 9......yes why was Cobb planning to escape with Number 9 when he had been working for The Village all the time? Unless he hadn’t, and it wasn’t until his staged suicide that he came to his senses and saw a way out by deciding to work for The Village, that was a good plan to get free of The Village. Those masters Cobb talked about will be disappointed in him! As for Number 9 she’s just a pawn who doesn’t know how to play the game. The Number 8 was to have been Number 9, only it wouldn’t have looked too clever to have two women betraying Number 6 to have the same number, so 9 was exchanged for 8. Anyway better to be 9 or 8 rather than 7, as 7 no longer exists in The Village, why? Because 9 8 7! But generally speaking it is Number 8 who betrays Number 6, and generally 8 is a woman except when 8 was once a man. But on one occasion it was 9 who betrayed 6, on another it was 12, but then there was a mathematical reason for 12, 2 times 6 equals 12. Numbers you see, they’re all relative. 1 might be the boss, but as it turned 6 is 1 and 1 is 6, 1 plus 6 equals 7! I once wrote that the unseen 7 could well be the boss behind The Village, and not Number 1 at all!

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