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Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Village Festival

    As mentioned in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ what must the Village Festival have been like? Well it wasn’t very good for Number 6, to have his identity taken away, and to wake up as someone else, and yet that happened twice to him! But The Village festival, more than a one or two day affair, after all we’re not talking about a village fete. A festival is generally a 3 day event, which probably took place not only in rooms in the Recreation Hall, but on The Village green as well. After all sports were also involved along with the photographic section, because one event Number 24 had not entered was the pole vault event. Mind you she also had her mind reading act, which either took place in the Recreation Hall, or perhaps in a small marquee, and Number 6 may well have assisted Number 24 with her act. Oh but no, he was elsewhere undergoing mind conditioning, and a physical make-over at the time of the festival. So if anyone helped 24, it would be Number 6, meaning Curtis. But of course no-one can say with any certainty, as The Village festival isn’t seen. But at the same time because of that, anyone who suggests anything about the festival activities cannot be wrong!

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