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Monday 2 October 2017

The Prisoner!

    No.2 “This is it then!”
    No.14 “What do you mean?”
    “Well it’s Not Danger Man is it.”
    “I was in an episode of Danger Man, I played a Russian spy.”
    “No wonder they brought you to The Village!”
    “No, he’s done that with this new creation of his, its why we’re all here.”
    “I don’t like it, it’ll never catch on. What’s it called?”
    “The Prisoner.”
    “He resigned you know.”
    “Who the Prisoner?”
    “No, Patrick McGoohan. They tell me he stormed into Lew Grade’s office one day and told him he’d had enough of Danger Man, said it had become stale and repetitive, and all the ideas had dried up. So he resigned from the role of John Drake. Instead he wanted to do a series about this Prisoner chappie.”
    “Why are we here?”
    “To discover the reason behind his resignation.”
    “Well that’s it.”
    “What’s it?”
    “The reason why he resigned, you’ve just said it yourself.”
    “By jove Number Fourteen, we did it, your drug actually works. There he is bursting into Lew Grade’s office about to hand in his resignation. Who would have thought it could have been that easy?”  
    “We had better wake him up.”
    “In a minute, I want to see Lew Grade’s face, he’ll have a fit when McGoohan begins shouting the odds!

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