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Saturday 14 October 2017


    We have met the likes of Number 269, he assists the Supervisor Number 56 in the Control Room.
    Supervisor “There it is.”
    {The distress signal}
    269 “Very close.”
    “Let’s try a radar search.”
    {They move to the radar screen}
    “That’s twelve miles, try six.”
    {269 operates the radar}
    “That’s six. Not much hope of finding them, unless the aircraft is still floating.”
    “Can’t you get a signal off a dinghy?”
    “Ooh doubtful.”
    “Could be more than one, they didn’t say how many passengers they’d got onboard.”
    “Only one distress signal.”
    “Might be saving their batteries. Search in closer.”
   “We’ll start getting readings from the high buildings in the village.”
   “What’s that?”
   “The mountains to the north of us.”
   “Better see if the radio station on the tower can give us a cross bearing. This is control calling the tower, control to the tower are you receiving me over?”
    Number 2 During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ had an assistant Number 10, who may have overstepped the mark when he made the suggestion that there are methods they haven’t used {against Number 6} yet. He ended up working in the Control Room. Mind you it’s possible he was really excess to requirements, and it may well have been the same with Number 269. Number 2 does appear to be a most capable administrator, so much so that it might well be imagined that he would not be in need of an assistant. So reduced 269 to working in the Control Room assisting the Supervisor! It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last as in the case of Number 22 of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Mind you he does know about operating the radar equipment, so at least he made himself useful, unlike Number 10 and Number 22 who didn’t appear to do very much at all! What about Number 60 I hear you ask. Yes he was assisting the Supervisor-Number 26 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’, he may well have been an exception, not that Number 26 appeared to require an assistant, and not appearing to be a former assistant to Number 2, that was Number 14’s job. Number 60 may well have been a contrivance on the part of the scriptwriter Roger Waddis, otherwise Number 2 would have had no-one to promote as Supervisor having removed Number 26 from that position.

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