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Monday 27 November 2017

A Favourite Scene In Checkmate

    After his conversation with Number 14, Number 6 walks off followed by a woman, the white Queen-Number 14.
    “You’re following me!”
    “I had to see you, when do you plan to escape?”
    “How did you know I was going to?”
    “Well everybody plans to escape when their spirit’s broken. Tell me your plan and I’ll help.”
    “Help who?”
    “Well I like you, if it’s a good plan I’ll escape with you. I’ve often helped with other people’s plans.”
    “Why are you still here?”
    “Well none of them ever succeeded.”
    “That’s a coincidence.”
    “Well it’s been invaluable experience, at least I can tell you what not to try.”
    “How do I know I can trust you?”
    “That’s a risk you’ll have to take!”
    “Not me!”
    Number 6 is suspicious of Number 8 right from the beginning, but why she should think Number 6’s spirits broken I’m not so sure about. His spirit doesn’t look broken to me.
   Did Number 8 approach Number 6 independently, or was she already under the influence of the doctor-Number 23 and set on Number 6 like a dog is unknown, but yes is probably the answer.  
   Poor Number 8, one can only guess at how many times she has been used against other prisoners and their plans, but this is the last time.
Be seeing you  

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