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Wednesday 29 November 2017

What’s No.6?

    Oh very funny Sir Charles, for someone who might well have been superfluous to this episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ had it not been for the fact that the Colonel had been seconded to The Village!
    Twice before when ZM73 had escaped the confines of The Village he went running straight to the Colonel. Admittedly the first time was a put up job, but nevertheless had ZM73 reached
London that time he would have gone running straight to the Colonel’s office, just as he did the second time. But this third time, seeing as the Colonel was otherwise engaged, someone else had to be contrived for ZM73 to go running to. I wonder if you did recognize the Colonel’s face, Sir Charles, when he came calling claiming to be ZM73? If you didn’t you played your part well. It’s highly likely that ZM73 recognized the face of the Colonel staring back at him in the mirror, that’s why he punched it with his fist. Besides which, at the end ZM73 refers to the Colonel by his title when I don’t think the Colonel was ever mentioned in Number 6’s presence!
   So Sir Charles, did you really know your future son-in-law had been abducted to The Village? Were you lying to your daughter when she put it to you that you had known all this time, and let her go through that hell. You sent him on a mission, and he couldn’t get in touch with her. Did you honestly know that ZM73 cannot get in touch with Janet? If you didn’t send him on a mission, and you said that you had told Janet more than you should, you shouldn’t have been telling her that. So when you said you had no idea where he was, were you telling Janet the truth? You don’t even know anyone who does know where he is, or so you claim! It’s awful, we’re like Janet, we don’t know if you’re telling the truth or not! Did you know that ZM73 had in fact handed in his resignation? If you did you certainly hadn’t told your daughter, as she was under the impression he was still working for you. What was it she said when the Colonel/Prisoner said “Miss Portland you must be aware of the kind of work he did,” “Obviously, working for my father.” So Janet was unaware of her fiancé having handed in his resignation!
    Did the Colonel know that ZM73 had handed in his resignation?   
    Did Sir Charles actually know where ZM73 was, that he had been abducted to The Village? If he didn’t, someone was keeping Sir Charles in the dark. But that’s the trouble, because even after 50 years there is an uncertainty about Sir Charles Portland which persists to this day.
    So what’s number six? As well as being a transparency slide, it’s an in-joke of a kind, contrived to make the television viewers ears prick up and the mind automatically think Sir Charles knows about Number 6. He could have easily said what is number 25, or 7, or number 11. But he said number six, which I’m sure is deliberate, to cause an effect. To say what’s number six?” It’s suggestive to the subconscious mind.
   A keen rosairian, I wonder what the name of the rose is in his button hole? It looks plastic to my eye!

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