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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Citizen No.42

    Number 42, oh we don’t use names here, and I suggest that once they used your name, to then later use your number 42 might have confused matters somewhat. That’s why they put your name on the termination order, if it had been your number, they might have thought whose 42?
   Your name, Dutton, yes well I’ve gone and used it now, could have so easily been Chambers who was late of the Foreign Office. In fact it might have been better for a subplot storyline had it been so. In his previous life Number 6 went to try and stop Chambers from doing whatever he was going to do before the “big boys” found out. He was supposed to have had a meeting with Chambers, hoping to make him change his mind, but he never turned up. It might have been nice had Number 6 finally met up with Chambers in The Village. But then Number 6 meeting up with you like he did, well it was the same effect really, you knowing each other the way you did. Did that come as a shock to you, seeing Number 6 in The Village? I bet you thought he was the last person you would meet. That he would be too quick for them, and avoid being abducted to The Village. But no, he’s only human like you and me. The people behind The Village seem keen to bring in people from British Military Intelligence. Cobb was another, did you know Cobb? What about the Colonel and Fotheringay?
    Number 2 said Chambers talked, there I go using his name again, the trouble is I don’t know what number they issued him with. But I do know he talked, you talked didn’t you Number 42? In fact you told them everything the doctor wanted to know, trouble is he thought you were disinclined to go further, he thought you knew more than you actually did. And by the time the doctor discovered that fact, well it was too late.....for you. Mind you it could have been worse, you could have been one of the doctor’s real failures, and been buried where no-one would find the grave. But then what is worse than death, perhaps a living death, as a brainwashed imbecile. Do you know that just might have seen you co-opted onto the local Town Council, if they hadn’t dispensed with democracy in The Village!

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