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Thursday 23 November 2017

Living In Harmony!

     Living In Harmony there’s irony in that somewhere. Because it means living in an American frontier town in the 1800’s, or living in Harmony or a previous episode ‘A Change of Mind.’
    On the one hand Harmony seems a peaceful enough town, the townspeople seem happy and contented enough, and just as long as they do as the Judge says that’s how things will remain. And yet, in ‘A Change of Mind Number 2 would like to see people living in harmony together, and making no room for any goats which might stray in and upset the status quo! A place where the least transgression is punished by first being accused of being disharmonious, then having to face the Committee, thereafter being posted as unmutual. Then any privileges one might have are taken away. No more taxis, meaning one has to walk everywhere {where is the hardship in that?} no more credit {they’ll stave you until you learn to toe the line} and finally the threat of the operation known as Instant Social Conversion. It is my humble opinion that it would be far better to be living in harmony, the American frontier town that is. At least regulars get the first drink on the house in the local Saloon, and no real harm comes to you there. I wouldn’t mind being one of the Judges “boys,” a gunslinger by the name of................ Dave “Dead Shot” Stimpson the meanest hombre this side of the

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