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Monday 13 November 2017

It’s Way Out - Man!

    During the opening sequence of Arrival we enjoy the extended journey made by the Prisoner, from his London home, to that office where he hands in his letter of resignation to a man sat behind a desk.
    After the Prisoner has driven into an underground car park, in Abingdon Street by the way, we see the Prisoner go through a pair of doors with the words "WAY OUT" on them. Now these two words have been interpreted in three ways, A B & C.
A, It is Number 6 being unconventional as always and entering by an exit.
B, It could signify his way out ie. resignation.
C, It may be a comment on how the rest of the series was going to turn out. Viewers cannot say they were not warned!
   Oh very good, save for the fact that A, the Prisoner was not known as No.6 until after his arrival in the village, nor was the Prisoner at that time unconventional. Because all the Prisoner was doing was leaving, not entering a building, the underground car park via the way out! B, I suppose using the words "WAY OUT" could be a sort of in-joke about the Prisoner's resignation, but somehow I don't think this has anything to do with it - it's just a sign on a door, or doors in this case. And finally C, well Patrick McGoohan had no idea how the series was going to pan out. So "C" can only be an interpretation with hindsight - after the event!

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