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Saturday 25 November 2017

The Therapy Zone

    What was Number 24, Alison to use her name, planning when she was taking all those photographs of Number 6, to enter the photographic completion at The Village Festival using a portrait photograph of him? She had already taken five pictures of Number 6, but felt she needed to take one more, seeing how she needed lots of practice if she was to stand a chance in the photographic section of The Village Festival. Somehow I don’t think Number 24 would have won the photographic event with a picture of Number 6, after all she was hardy using the right kind of camera to begin with, a Polaroid! I should have thought her chances of winning would be extremely limited, after all the size of a Polaroid picture isn’t that large, the Judges would barely see it pinned to a wall or display board. If Alison was genuinely interested in winning the photographic competition she should have used a 35mm camera, the once developed the photograph could be enlarged or blown up in order to create a bigger impact on the judges. But perhaps in this case it’s not the camera, or size of the photograph, but the subject which matters. After all in many ways Number 6 is a larger than life character!

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