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Sunday 19 November 2017


   Number 6 attempts to escape The Village by helicopter. One should not question Number 6’s capabilities, just use ones imagination and enjoy the ride with him. However one should never underestimate the technology employed by Number 2 either. Take that helicopter for example, it must surely be fitted with “drone” technology, something today the armed forces take for granted.
   So Number 6 is attempting to escape The Village by helicopter. Unfortunately he has not flown so far away when he begins to lose control. Control of the helicopter has been taken over by an operator in the Control Room and it is he who with the aid of the view on the wall screen is able to pilot the helicopter safely back to The Village. Number 6 is of course still on board but powerless to do anything. All he can do is enjoy the ride.
  Perhaps Number 6 has been nothing more than a pawn in Number 2’s game. Allow him to escape in the helicopter, and whilst demonstrating that escape is not possible, the new drone technology is put to a final test!

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