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Monday 13 November 2017

Citizen No.8

    What I want to know is, why aren’t you wearing a piped jacket like all the other of Number 2’s assistants? I suppose you think you’re different to everyone else, is that it? Anyway where did you get it? Only two people have worn anoraks, you and Number 6, although technically he wasn’t in The Village at the time!
    “Neither are we!”
    “What did you say?”
    “You, me, Number twenty-Two over there. We’re not in The Village.”
    “If we’re not in The Village, I’d like you to tell me where we are.”
    “We’re in the Green Dome.”
    “And where do you think the Green Dome is if it’s not in The Village?”
    “Well obviously the Green Dome is in The Village. Only technically it’s not really green, it more turquoise colour.”
    “What’s that got to do with it?”
    “Nothing I suppose!”
    “That’s right, nothing.”
    “We’re in the Green Dome on set at
MGM film studios.”
    “Now you’re mixing fact and fantasy.”
    “At least I can tell the difference. We’re both prisoners, held captive in a long strip of 35milimeter film!”
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about kid. I can walk out of that door any time I like and go home.”
    “Go on then, try it. Go out of that door and go home.”
    “You think I’m scared, too afraid to try it.”
    “Well go on then!”
    “Alright I will.”
    “But don’t blame me if you walk out into The Village!”
    “You said we weren’t in The Village.”
    “So we’re not.”
    “Then how................”
    “We have to leave here and go out into The Village, otherwise how do we get to Harmony?”
    “I don’t know?”
   “Say where’s Twenty-two going, what’s upset her?”
   “Perhaps she didn’t like witnessing you strangling her to death!”

Be seeing you  

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