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Sunday 19 November 2017

Thought For The Day

    What’s so special about Number 6? Okay he’s not your average prisoner, otherwise he wouldn’t be in line for so much special treatment! No extreme measures to be used, they don’t want him damaged, not a man of fragments. Mustn’t damage the brain tissue. Number 2 isn’t allowed to use the normal techniques, too valuable say their masters. What masters, not Number 1 then? Number 6 has a future with The Village, I don’t think Number 6 sees it quite that way! So other ways must be used, that’s because Number 6 is far too valuable to them. Nevertheless one Number 2 didn’t mind putting Number 6’s life at risk, that time he and a doctor got into his subconscious. And then again in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ Number 2 claimed he was going to hammer Number 6, but then he who fights by the sword will die by the sword. Either that of be driven to a nervous breakdown! Oh yes and put the Man With No Name in a dangerous environment, isolate him. Give him love, take it away, make him kill, and he will break if only in his mind! And mentioning the mind, if putting one man’s mind into another man’s body isn’t an extreme measure then I don’t know what is! Number 6 must be pretty special to have survived completely unscathed, both mentally and physically, after so many ordeals which would have broken a lesser man. Its no wonder they saw him as having a future with The Village!

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