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Friday 17 November 2017

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    The Prisoner 50 years of age, who would have thought it? I must say Number 6 looks good for having lived so much of his life in The Village, he doesn’t look a day over 38. But what nationality would you say Number 6 was, in his former life that is, British? He seems British enough, he lived in London, apparently having worked for a British Intelligence. Mind you that’s nothing to go by. Take that fellow John Drake, ‘Danger Man’ as he was. He started out as an American, and at times he had the most appalling American accent, that was when he worked for Security NATO. In time he moved from Security NATO, to M9 within British Intelligence. I suppose it was to have been MI9, but for some reason the Intelligence part was dropped. Oh not by British Intelligence, but by ATV, but if we go down that road there’s a great danger of mixing fiction with fact, and we wouldn’t want that would we......would we? No, I didn’t think we did! Anyway Drake having started out with Security NATO an American, and yet after joining British Intelligence he became British! So I suppose Number 6 could have be of British nationality, but since he’s lived in The Village for the past 50 years he’s become more International, like the food was once French, it’s now International, well that’s how Number 2 once described it! What was it? Oh yes, a piece of Quiche Lorraine with a poached egg on the top of it! Mind you that was in the days when Number 6 used to have his breakfast brought to him. Later he still had eggs for breakfast, but without the Quiche!

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