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Sunday 5 November 2017

Me’ Thinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much!

   But of course Number 50 is quite right when she makes her protest to Number 6, “I’m not one of them.” Because of course she isn’t, and it’s not long before he realizes that Monique is being used as a pawn in one of Number 2’s games.
    “I won’t go for it whatever it is, so you might as well stop trying!”
   Its strange, of all the women Number 6 becomes closely involved with, he never once refers to Monique by name, not like Nadia, or Alison. Yes there was also Number 8 in ‘Checkmate,’ but Number 6 never allowed himself to become that close to her nor did she have a name. I don’t think he liked women to cry, he told her to stop crying that time in the taxi, although her tears did have an effect upon him later in the episode, they even mellowed him slightly, even though his hand was twitching! It’s a question of trust you see, before Monique came along Number 6 had been betrayed by a series of women, commencing on the day of his arrival in The Village. The only woman to show Number 6 any act of true kindness was the young gypsy woman, although I don’t suppose that counts because it’s not in The Village!
    But it is strange that seeing that Number 6 and Monique have been thrown together for the cause, that he doesn’t use her name. Mind you he doesn’t use her number either. But then to Number 6 Monique doesn’t actually contribute much towards preventing the so called assassination plot, she’s really not that important. Her only real importance is to bring Number 6 into the affair, after that she becomes little more than his side-kick.

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