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Monday 13 November 2017

Quote For The Day

    “Supposing I don’t want any flowers?”
    “Everyone has flowers for Carnival, be seeing you.”
                               {Number 6 and a gardener – Dance of The Dead}
    That’s one thing in common ‘6 Private’ has with Number 6’s London home, flower boxes, well at least for the one episode. So whether people want flowers or not they’ll have them because it’s Carnival and like it! There is no choice in The Village, citizens have to go along with it whether they like it or not. That’s the one drawback when you abolish democracy. But not all the cottages have window boxes foisted upon them, in fact I think Number 6’s cottage is the only one to have a window box! So perhaps Number 6 was picked out specially. And the gardener who fixed up the window box, he wasn’t one of the regular gardeners, gardeners don’t wear straw boaters, and he wasn’t wearing a pair of overalls! Number 6 had already been annoyed by the maid, and the postman when he asked Number 6 to sign his number in receipt of a special delivery, so why not annoy him further by foisting a window box on him when he doesn’t want flowers! To try and get his own back, Number 6 tries to annoy the Observers by placing a cushion over the screen of the television! I wonder how he knew that he could be observed through the television set in the first place?

Be seeing you

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