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Sunday 5 May 2019

A Change of Mind

    What’s this, Big Brother? It’s more like a take on the 1914 Lord Kitchener propaganda poster “Your Country Needs You!”
     They’re right of course, quite right, Your Community needs You! It’s just a pity the welfare Committee of this community doesn’t stretch to taking more care of the individual, and stop Number 2 from carrying out what is nothing more than a witch hunt! In the previous episode there was to have been a Village purge of malcontents, now the malcontents/unmutuals are being made docile by a brutal method which has been medically improved upon by Number 86.
   It seems to me that the title of another episode fits this one very well, ‘Living In Harmony,’ because really that’s all this Number 2 wants. The taking of one’s mind by isolating a person’s aggression, to take away the person’s “will” is really a last resort. The trouble in the first place is, that the least form of neglect or show of disharmony can get a person into trouble, and see them brought before the Committee. But all one has to do is publicly confess and apparently that’s that!
    I like the way Number 6 returns to his cottage to find Number 2 sat nibbling on his shortcake biscuits. Make yourself at home why don’t you!

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