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Sunday 5 May 2019

Where’s No.7?

    Has anyone seen Number 7?
    Not when was it?
    I haven’t seen him.
    Nor I.
    The last time I saw him he was playing chess with the General, perhaps he knows where Number 7 is!
    Number 7? No I haven’t seen him, we were playing chess the other day, damned fella needs a damned good haircut, he’d have one if he was in my regiment!
    So the General doesn’t know where he is, has anyone asked Number 2?
    Muttering, mumbling, citizens stand looking at the ground.
    Yes Number 2.
    I’ve been asked to make enquiries about Number 7.
    Number 7?
    Yes it comes between 6 and 8.
    Yes I know sir. What about Number 7?
    Have you seen him?
    What makes you think Number 7 is a man?
    What is it that makes you think 7 is a woman, have you seen 7?
    No I don’t mean that, through your Observes?
    No Number 2.
    You’re sure?
    Yes Number 2.
    None of the Observers have seen Number 7?
    No Number 2.
    That is all I wanted to know. So where is Number 7?
    We’ll find him.....her, Number 7.
    You had better, otherwise it will be all the worse for me, do you understand?
    Yes Number 2.
    A search was made for Number 7, a thorough search was made of the village, in everyone’s cottage, the Old People’s Home, in public buildings, even in the mortuary. The cemetery was searched, all along the cliffs, and beach, in the Stone Boat, in the Therapy Zone, and all of the woods. Number 7 was nowhere to be seen. The conclusion was that Number 7, whoever Number 7 had been, had escaped!
    It was in the late afternoon, Number 2 was taking the air on the balcony of the Green Dome, a man climbed the steps and approached him.
    Well Number 7, you have led us all a merry dance have you not.
    Did you find what you were looking for?
    No, and I doubt I ever will, I leave for the homeland first thing in the morning, and our masters will not be at all pleased.
    There is still time.
    Not for me old friend, noble thoughts like that are wasted upon me. We gave it our best shot, and we were found wanting.
    Such a thing cannot be left just lying around.
    If it were just left lying around we would have found it would we not?
    Yes Number 2.
    You know what this means of course.
    No Number 2.
    You’ll have to come with me.
    What leave the village?
    You are Number 7, you have not been seen for days, we cannot have you just turn up again. So to all intents and purposes you have disappeared by fair means or foul.
    And the new Number 7?
    What new Number 7? Number 7 ceases to exist!

Be seeing you

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