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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Yellow Alert!

   “Attention Post Fourteen, attention Post Fourteen, yellow alert, yellow alert, yellow alert. Now leaving northern perimeter, Number Six, repeat Number Six.”
    The sound of a siren and the hunt for an escaped prisoner is on.
    “Now approaching, contact imminent, contact imminent.”
    The escaped prisoner has all the beach to run away in, but he is being pursued by two guardians in a Mini-Moke. He weaves about this way and that trying to evade capture. But he cannot outrun the vehicle for long and stumbles to the sand as one guardian leaves the Mini-Moke to tackle the Prisoner. With one guardian down the Prisoner manages to jump aboard the moving vehicle, and then its Prisoner 2 guardians 0! 

   “Northern area, Number Six heading for outer zone in our vehicle, orange alert, orange alert.”
   “Supervisor” said one Observer turning away from his monitor.
   “Yes what is it can’t you see I’m busy!”
   “There’s been an accident on the beach, I think we should send for an ambulance.”
    “Oh they’ll be alright, its Number 6 we have to stop.”
    “Yes I know sir, but there seems to have been a hit and run accident!”
    “Calling all posts, yellow alert, stop a hit and run driver” ordered the Supervisor “suspect vehicle heading towards outer zone. Just a minute, Number Six was heading towards the outer zone!”
    “Yes sir…’re not going to believe this!” reported an Observer.
    “Why, what’s happened?”

    “I don’t know how he managed to do it” said the Observer,” but Number Six appears to have run over himself! Medical staff are on the scene now.”

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