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Thursday 23 May 2019

Quote For The Day

    “Why do you care?”
                   {Number 2 – Once Upon A time}
That’s a very good question. Care about the Prisoner, do I care about the Prisoner? It’s a series I have found fascinating for nearly 52 years, or rather it’s been an obsession, just as it has been for many others. It gets under your skin, I cannot leave it alone, or should that be the other way around? As for Number 6, I’m not sure I care for him or not. I like the way he maintains his inner self, the way he combats Number 2’s machinations and always comes out whole, even after having a change of mind. And because of that he seems too good to be true somehow. Nothing affects him, well not until the death of Number 2 at the end of the ordeal in the Embryo Room. As for The Village, to me it doesn’t matter which sides runs it. Nor does it really matter who Number 1 is, I would have rather it not have been Number 6 because there was no pay-off. No retribution. Oh yes Number 1 was eventually sealed in that nose cone of the rocket, but both 6 and 1 escaped the village at precisely the same moment. And after having returned to London, having made the discovery of the identity of Number 1, who else could he blame but himself. He could have gone running back to his former colleagues, but then he’d done that twice already and look where that got him.........back in the village!

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