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Friday 3 May 2019


    Apparently they had to pull a lot of strings to get Curtis seconded back to them, did they? Curtis, is that what his name was, I just wonder.........Well Number 1 might have come up with a plan against Number 6 which he himself might have a personal hand in, and it would have got him out and about the Village. Well the plan behind ‘The Schizoid Man’ wasn’t Number 2’s idea. Perhaps Number 1 thought here’s an opportunity to impersonate Number 6,and have some fun into the bargain by turning the tables on Number 6 and getting him to impersonate Number 1. Ah I hear you say, but Rover got Curtis, and he’s dead. But we only have Number 6’s word for that, we do not know if Number 6 checked the body or merely assumed Rover had suffocated Curtis to death. And in any case even if he was dead, they could have resuscitated the body as with the “late” Number 2. There, that would have livened Number 1’s day up, and bade him never to want firsthand experience in the Village again!

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