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Tuesday 21 May 2019

One Day!

   One day in The Village is very much like any other, except the day when........Well it all began with Number 2 being in a bad mood. Apparently someone, we never did find out who, had dumped a lot of old wood and empty oil drums on the quayside. Annoyed by this, Number 2 wanted to know who had left them there, and ordered an immediate inquiry, and for the wood and oil drums to be cleared up. But no-one seemed to have the least idea how the wood and oil drums came to be on the quayside. Also the General Store had been broken into, and a number of tinned goods had been taken, along with a camera, a loudspeaker, and a copy of The Tally Ho. Also the shopkeeper reported that an IOU had been written in chalk on the counter in the shop, and signed No.6? And there was the other thing, no-one had seen Number 6 all that day, what’s more the empty milk bottle on his doorstep had not been collected, also no milk had been delivered. Not that day, nor any subsequent day for almost a month! So where was Number 6? He wasn’t to be seen anywhere. Days, then weeks went by and still no sign of him. But the strange thing is no-one seemed concerned, certainly not Number 2. So life went on much the same, minus Number 6. Jammers were under the impression that he had hidden himself away, to make it look as though he had escaped the confines of The Village. In effect they thought he was jamming. Whilst others believed that he had actually managed to escape, even to the extent of discussing how he managed it. Then one day just as the village day was about to begin, a man turned up, a man wearing a flying suit. His flying helmet was later found on the beach, and Number 6 had come amongst them again.

Be seeing you

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