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Thursday 23 May 2019

In The Village!

   Why do you think Number 6 did that, went to the window and looked down? Perhaps he was just making sure, remembering how a former colleague, Cobb, also committed suicide by jumping out of a hospital window. Well he was supposed to have, but of course we the viewer know differently Number 6 didn’t. Perhaps Number 6 had doubts about suicides, but there was no-way he could check Cobb’s death.
    Number 6 accused Number 2 of murdering Number 73, but Number 2 hadn’t laid a hand on the woman, yes he interrogated her, caused her mental torture. But Number 73 didn’t leap out of bed and out of the window until Number 6 burst into the room. Maybe 73 simply took her chance in the confusion to leap to her death. She had attempted suicide before by slashing her wrists, and so would have been likely to try again when the opportunity arose. I suppose the open window proved too much of an opportunity for her. Which begs the question why was the window left open in the first place, knowing 73’s suicidal tendencies?

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