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Tuesday 21 May 2019

Two Prisoner References!

    This morning I had occasion to go out to purchase some new plants, when I do that I cannot help but bring to mind that nice little scene in ‘Arrival’ when No.6 encounters the gardener.

    “Careful sir, they’re new plants.”
   My wife asked me to pick up some oranges while I was about it, and not to give any away to strange looking women! This was alluding to a scene towards the end of ‘Darling,’ in THEPRIS6NER when Michael had gone to get oranges for Lucy to have for breakfast. He drops one of the oranges on the sidewalk, and a young woman who is obviously living on the streets, picks it up and bites into the fruit. Michael feels sorry for her and hands her another orange.
   Then earlier this afternoon when I was planting the new plants, Petunias, I thought to myself if that No.6 comes along wanting a word, he’ll have to wait!

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