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Wednesday 1 May 2019


    That missive written to XO4;

    “To xo4
          Ref your query via Bizet record.
          No.2’s instability confirmed.
           Detailed report follows.
    Who did Number 2 think Number 6 was going to hand that missive to? Who was XO4? Perhaps one of those masters Number 2 was afraid of. Perhaps he worked for Sir Charles Portland’s department in Military Intelligence seeing as everyone seemed to go by a code name, ZM73, PR12, and XB4 for example. So why not XO4 and D6, except Number 6 already had a codename ZM73, but perhaps Patrick McGoohan decoded to amalgamate his past and present in that codename, D for Drake, and 6 for Number 6.
   As for Number 2 he must have been under the impression that XO4 was somewhere in the village, otherwise it would have been impossible to get that missive to XO4 outside of the village. But of course XO4 didn’t really exist, well not in the village, so what happened to the note Number 6 wrote? He probably threw it away in a litter bin. Its just as well an Observer hadn’t picked that up on camera, otherwise Number 2 would have thought the litter bin a “dead drop,” and might have ordered his assistant Number 14 to keep the litter bin under the closest surveillance to see who would come along and retrieve the note. But then what happens when the litter bin is emptied? He would probably have had the dustbin man brought to his office for questioning!

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