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Tuesday 21 May 2019

The Schizoid Man

      Number 6 has been reported dead! Number 2 is outraged, there’s going to be hell to pay, and it looks very much like its going to be him that pays! Curtis wants to know when he’s leaving, but Number 2 wants him to go as see the girl Alison as they think she may have had some incite into Number 6’s motivations. But there’s nothing Alison can tell Curtis, so he goes on his way. First to 6 Private where he changes into civilian attire, and collects his suitcase, then Number 2 calls for him and its just a quick taxi ride to the helicopter, and a quick flip to the landing stage. During the taxi ride Number 2 attempts to talk to Curtis about the proposition he put to him, but Curtis has had no time to think about it. Curtis is in on edge, perhaps it’s the job. The helicopter stands waiting in front of the Recreation Hall, as does Alison who tells him that what she did to Number 6 was a betrayal, and she wanted him to know that if she had a second chance she wouldn’t do it again. But there are no second chances, well there are for the lucky ones.
    “I say old chap.”
    “Yes what is it?”
    “I don’t know what I was thinking. I cannot possibly let you leave looking like that.”
    “What do you mean, looking like what?”
    “Well Number 6, obviously. You’ll have to look like yourself before I can allow you to leave the village.”
    “Don’t be ridiculous!”
    “We’ll amend you slightly, dye your hair black again, but we’ll have to wait until you’ve grown your moustache again.”
    “You must be crazy!”
    “Or you can spend the rest of your life here impersonating Number 6!”
    “You’ll never get away with that!”
    “You don’t fancy that Number 6?”
    “How did you know?”
    “Curtis doesn’t have a bruised fingernail!”

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