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Saturday 25 May 2019

A Favourite Scene In Free For All

    Number 6 having decided to stand for office in the local elections, presumably as an independent, might be guilty of being carried away in the moment. The thing with Number 6 is he had nothing else to do with his time. He said he might as well while he was waiting, waiting for what, to escape, or for something to happen? Perhaps he thought that standing for election he might be able to make something happen. His opening speech was a good one, and the only one in which the candidate would be afforded the opportunity to use his own words, save perhaps for his closing speech. But in any case after Number 6 has been interviewed and had his photograph taken by Numbers 113 and 113b, and finally having been given a copy of the latest edition of The Tally Ho with the already written article, he must have realised the election had been rigged. In fact it was a bit of a giveaway, if not a shock to Number 6, when the placards with his face on them were revealed. But realizing the election was rigged, presumably against him, he pressed on regardless. But really he had no chance of doing otherwise. He had to see the election through, being carried along not only by the enthusiasm of the electorate, but also by the use of drugs. Not enough to bring harm to Number 6, well they mustn’t damage the tissue, just the right proportions to see him through the election. Number 6 the new Number 2! They knew he would make the most of his opportunities, much good it did him. The thing with Number 6 is, once he starts something he has to see it through, simply because he has no choice!

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