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Thursday 9 May 2019

Caught On Camera!

      When the Colonel/ZM73 goes to the World Cameras shop in order to retrieve the roll of film he left there a year ago, which has now been developed into slides, he finds the shop closed. However the proprietor soon appears and unlocks the door. 
   The top of the poster, sellotaped to the door featuring Bob Monkhouse advertising Polaroid Swinger Cameras, has been rolled up!
    However a few moments later, when the Colonel/ZM73 turns and sees the man at the door looking in, the top of the poster has been adjusted!
    The top of the poster has been unrolled, and sellotaped roughly back onto the door. It is now possible to read the top line of the poster, whereas a few moments before it wasn’t! Strange things happen in ‘the Prisoner’ from time to time, sometimes for no apparent reason. This, although we shall never know, does make me wonder why the poster had been removed from the door in the first place, and then seemingly to have been replaced in something of a hurry during the filming of the scene.

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