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Monday 27 May 2019

Village Life!

    “What kind of morning is it?”
    “What kind of morning do you think it is?”
    “One for avoiding Committee meetings.”
    “I didn’t think you attended any Committee meetings.”
    “Oh I used to, in the beginning.”
    “Do you know what I’m thinking of doing?”
    “No, but do tell.”
    “Being co-opted onto the town council.”
    “Oh you wouldn’t want that.”
    “Why not, I was just thinking of bettering my position.”
    “Being co-opted onto the town council wouldn’t better your position, believe me. Besides it would be a waste of time you’re asking.”
    “Because you have to have been a Number 2 first.”
    “Where do you think Number 2’s go after they have each completed their term in office?”
    “Is that like asking where do flies go in the winter time?”
    “I always thought they go back where they came from.”
    “Some do, most do, but some are co-opted onto the town council.”
    “Well what’s wrong in that?”
    “They are nothing more than brainwashed imbeciles!”
    “How do you know that?”
    “I’ve seen them going into the council chamber. They never talk, they have no emotions, I don’t think they can think, their brains having been taken away.”
    “Zombies, yes, like the living dead!”
    “You know it’s not too bad being a Top Hat official of administration.”
    “See, you feel better already now that the idea of promotion has been lifted from your shoulders.”
    “I tell you what, I’ll treat you to breakfast at the café.”
    “Is the café open yet?”
    “Bound to be, I can smell coffee.”
    “Good, breakfast will set me up for this morning’s undertaking.”
    “What’s on the agenda?”

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