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Friday 31 May 2019

It’s Your Funeral

    It’s a pity Number 6 rolled up his copy of The Tally Ho, as we cannot read the headline, unless it’s a copy used in a previous episode. If so it wouldn’t have done to allow the headline to be read by the viewers. I like the idea of Tally Ho Journal, and Tally Ho weekly.
    I like the way Number 6 and Number 100 pass each other at the door of the Green Dome, and the way 100 gives a casual salute to Number 6 as they pass. But then again its not exactly The Village salute, its more like Number 100 is greeting Number 6 with the hand sign okay.
    The late Fenella Fielding was an integral part of the village, although never seen, she read out the public announcements, special announcements, and the local weather forecast in a cheerful and sultry voice. Much in the same way public address announcements used to be made over the public address system in British holiday camps in the 1960’s. And yet not all of these announcements were as innocent as they might at first seem.
    “Good afternoon everyone, good afternoon, I’ve some exciting news for you. Your citizens council officially proclaims Thursday, the day after tomorrow, as Appreciation Day. The day we pay due honour to those brave and noble men who govern us so wisely. You will all be delighted to hear proceedings will be opened with an address by Number Two himself, and concluded with by the unveiling of a new appreciation monument. There’ll be speeches, thrills, and excitement.”  
    Yes but its propaganda, those brave and noble men who govern them so wisely, thrills and excitement the Appreciation Day ceremony didn’t look all that exciting and thrilling to me. But it does fit if the announcer was making the announcement to the television viewers, “thrills and excitement” regarding the assassination/execution attempt against the retiring Number 2, and would Number 6 overturn it in time!
   A memorial service for Fenella was held yesterday, May 29th, at the actors Church at Covent Garden in London.

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