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Saturday 11 May 2019

In The Village!

    It’s best not to ask questions, it’s best not to enquire at all. Thus there is no place in the village for the enquiring mind. If there’s something to learn they will teach it to you, just as long as it’s past history. Mind you there is room for the mind to develop, a man tearing up a book is just a man tearing up a book. And yet to create one has to destroy, creation comes out of the ashes of destruction. A woman standing on her head is just that, a woman standing on her head, unless she is developing a new perspective, or simply letting the blood run to her head. People thought doing that feeds the brain! And that man in the chair, well he’s asleep, the mind learns only when it wants to, or what it wants to. Art you see, some are of the opinion that ‘the Prisoner’ is art, certainly Patrick McGoohan painted a pretty picture when he came up with the idea of ‘the Prisoner.’ To me ‘the Prisoner’ is basically drama, and drama tells a story, a story of a man who simply resigned his job, soon after which he was abducted to a place simply called the village. Is that the reason behind his abduction, that fact that he had resigned his job? If it is then they acted pretty damned quickly that’s all I can say, as soon as he left that office in fact. No, I do not believe that wheels to abduct this man could have been put in motion so quickly after having handed in his letter of resignation. I think the idea was conceived long before. You will recall how he was being kept under the closest possible surveillance.
    “What was that, sounded like a click. Something in the mirror, or was it over there? Yes over there too!”
    And he was thinking of a holiday, thinking of getting away. And then as soon as they realized what he had done they had to act, and act they did. They had him abducted to the village, and we know all the rest!

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