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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Caught On Camera!

    I bet that came as a bit of a shock to ZM73 when he saw the Colonel’s face staring back at him in the mirror. Did he recognize the face? I don’t think so, as he made no reference to the Colonel when he went to see Sir Charles Portland. Neither did PR12, and certainly Danvers hadn’t recognized the Colonel’s face, and for that matter neither did Sir Charles. Come to think of it, Sir Charles didn’t appear to know of his future son-in-law’s resignation. Certainly Janet didn’t, fancy keeping it a secret from her!
      And there’s another face, that of the late comedian Bob Monkhouse caught on camera on a poster on the door of Walters World Cameras Ltd, promoting ‘The Polaroid Swinger.’ Apparently he also appeared in a number of adverts promoting the Polaroid Swinger. I have tried to find such a poster on the World-Wide Web, but without success, or indeed any such video. 
   This is the reverse side of the above poster .
   Below a transposed image, the top of which has been turned down on the inside of the shop door to World Cameras.
h video.
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