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Sunday 18 November 2018

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   It’s surreal really, the way the three individual Guardians work as one to bring Number 8 back to the shore. To serve and protect, isn’t that how it goes? The Guardian serving The Village and its community, whilst at the same time protecting the individual. They must have thought the scene worked so well, they used it again but with Number 6 in ‘Free for All.’ It’s just a pity that you can see Number 8’s legs kicking in the water trying to keep up with the three balloons!
   I once found myself thinking how the scene might have looked after Nadia having been half drowned half suffocated by the membranic Guardian, had been picked up out of the water by the crew of the helicopter? Being fitted with floats the Alouette helicopter could have landed on the water with a medic on board. Then the crew or medics having retrieved the unconscious body of Number 8 from the sea, they could have flown her direct to the hospital. The scene would have seemed less surreal that way, but it might have looked more dramatic. And we as the television viewer wouldn’t be left wondering how it was that the three Guardians managed to bring Number 8 to the shore the way they did!

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