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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Hammer Into Anvil Won’t Go!

    A better title would have been ‘Hammer or Anvil?’ After all you have to be hammer or anvil. Mind you I think I’d rather be the anvil, then Number 2 could hammer away for all he’s worth. After all hammers wear out faster than anvils, and that’s what happened to Number 2, wore himself out trying to hammer Number 6! Somehow I don’t think life in The Village suited that particular Number 2, it makes me wonder when he first began having these paranoid delusions that everyone was conspiring against him? After all there was no conspiracy, and no-one was against him, save for Number 6. But was Number 2 really so paranoid? After all in the next episode an interim Number 2 has a list of known malcontents, and top of the list is Number 6, not forgetting Number 12 of Administration in ‘The General!’

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